Luxury Lights Set (3t4 Conversion)


4 Types of Lights
30 Colors each

1. Table Lamp - §25
2. Wall Lamp - §30
3. Floor Light - §50
4. Ceiling Light (not pictured above) - §40

Converted from the Sims 3 Base Game

These have been in the works for long time now because I messed up and had to redo them and then I just got a little lazy with doing all those recolors lol.

No custom thumbnails this time around. There are like 120 individual lights and I did not feel like adding to the already tedious amount of work that went into these.

Has custom swatches and works with design tool for the most part.

You can search for these items by typing "[S93]" into the search bar.

.Zip folder contains MERGED and SEPARATED files for your convenience. Please only install from one of them.

Download - MediaFire (

Download - Dropbox (

Hope you enjoy! :)

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