My Terms of Use

I understand that there are a ton of creators out there and I am proud to be apart of this community. There's a lot of hard work that goes into every piece of custom content and to make sure that hard work isn't abused, most creators have a Terms of Use (TOU), or a very basic set of rules regarding the content they create. Click below for the details of my own

Terms of Use


I am totally okay with people recoloring any meshes I create, on two conditions:
  1. No default replacements.
  2. Please link back to me if/when you share the recolors.
  3. Credit me in the item description in the catalog.
  4. You don't have to include the mesh, but you must still credit me.
  5. You can use or similar sites to link to recolors of my meshes.


I don't mind sharing my content so long as links lead to my original posts. I'm not against using to link to my content, though I would strongly prefer that you don't.

DO NOT download my content and reupload it onto your own site, pay site or otherwise.

Using in Game

Please do share sims or houses with my content if you want! Just make sure to link to me via this blog or my tumblr ( If you're posting on tumblr, I do track the tag #shenice93, so feel free to tag your post so I can see.

I also don't mind if you include my content with the sim/house/room download. Just don't claim as your own and still give me proper credit please.

Thank you for choosing my CC!

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