Spring Time Cherry Blossom Decor Set


This set includes 9 individual items

I originally made these with the intention of posting them on my birthday, but a bunch of random things prevented me from doing so.  But better late than never!

2x3 rug (Mesh by theNumbersWoman) §50 - 12 Variations

4x3 rug (Recolor of EA mesh) §145 - 12 Variations

Cherry Blossom Polaroids (Mesh by One Billion Pixels) §5 - 2 Types 3 Variations ea. (These will merge with my Flower Polaroid set in Buy Mode if you have them)

Framed Wall Panels (Mesh by theNumbersWoman) §50 - 4 Variations

Watercolor Paintings (Recolor of EA mesh) §100 - 9 Variations

Tea Pot (Mesh by simplestudio404) §1 - 2 Colors (These will merge with originals in Buy Mode if you have them)

Mug Cup (Mesh by simplestudio404) §1 - 4 Colors (These will merge with originals in Buy Mode if you have them)

Wall Murals §8 - 3 Variations

All of these objects have custom thumbnails and swatches.

You do not need the original meshes for these to work.  Though I hope, you'll go download them anyway because the creators are amazing and talented!

You can search for these items by typing "[S93]" into the search bar.

.Zip folder contains MERGED and SEPARATED files for your convenience. Please only install from one of them.

Download - MediaFire (Adf.ly)

Download - Dropbox (Adf.ly)

Hope you enjoy! :)

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