3t4 Muse Luxury Living Set


Includes 8 items

Set includes:
2 End Tables - Surfaces>Accent Tables
1 Sofa - Comfort>Sofa
1 Living Chair - Comfort>Living Chair
1 Plant - Decorations>Plants
1 Coffee Table - Surfaces>Coffee Table
1 Wall Art - Decorations>Wall or Decorations>Wall Sculptures
1 Sculpture - Decorations>Misc or Decorations>Sculptures

Includes Custom Thumbnails

There is a slight issue with the plant texture. 
There are small (barely noticeable) shadow issues on the floor with the sofa and chair.

You can search for these items by typing "[S93]" into the search bar.

.Zip folder contains MERGED and SEPARATED files for your convenience. Please only install from one of them.

Download - MediaFire (Adf.ly)

Download - Dropbox (Adf.ly)

Hope you enjoy! :)

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