Cute Pillow Set


All costs §30

I wanted to have some more colorful pillows in game, so I just did some recolors of these meshes. Nothing too fancy.  I tried to encompass a variety of patterns and colors for each pillow.

There are 10 square and circle pillows and there are 15 heart pillows.  The all have custom swatches so you can see which pattern is which.

Even though they were made with the updated S4S, some of the swatches don't work with the design tool in game.  I don't know why this is, but hopefully a solution will appear soon.

Heart and Circle mesh by One Billion Pixels

Square Pillow Mesh by ShinoKCR

You do not need the original meshes for these to work.  Though I hope, you'll go download them anyway because the creators are amazing and talented!

You can search for these items by typing "[S93]" into the search bar.

Download - MediaFire

Download - Dropbox

Hope you enjoy :)

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