Modern Spectrum - Brown Living


Part of the Modern Spectrum Room Series

Costs §19k+

This lot utilizes "bb.moveobjects" please activate that cheat before placing this lot to ensure that all items appear.

To install: 
Place all the files (besides images) into your Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray Folder. This item should show up in your library when you next open it. Be sure to check the "include custom content" box under the "Advanced" tab in your library.

CC Used:

Tiled Wood Flooring by Saudade-sims4 | 238 Walls by SIMSINSPRING | Grove Furniture Collection by peacemaker-jc | Small Tea Set by maruska-geo | Sims 4 Artworks by k-hippie | Out of the Box Rug by inabadromance | Flowers Set by Ladesire | Living Cedar by Ung999 | Wicklow Windows, Plants Plants Plants and Wicklow Windows and Doors by Mustke | Evening Falls, Piece of Heaven, and Sea Foam by SIMcredible | Sara New Living, Sara New Dining, and Pure Living by Angela | Dining Eboni by ShinoKCR | Asian Bathroom by Severinka | Bedroom Tulton by BuffSumm | Source Set and Pot Ceiling Lamps by DOT | Black Rose Set by me

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