Modern Spectrum - Black Bedroom


Part of the Modern Spectrum Room Series

Costs §17k+

This lot utilizes "bb.moveobjects" please activate that cheat before placing this lot to ensure that all items appear.

To install: 
Place all the files (besides images) into your Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray Folder. This item should show up in your library when you next open it. Be sure to check the "include custom content" box under the "Advanced" tab in your library.

CC used:
Black Rose Hallway by me | Diesel Living by brial-immortelle | Assorted Pillows and Assorted Prints by Puresims | Danbo by Onebillionpixels | Pallet Living and Honeycomb Windows by Kiwisims | Stockholm Bed, Pillow, and Blankets Recolors by Saudade-sims4 | Artsy Dining by aroundthesims | Zes Horizontal Dresser by cool-panther | Poster Pack by manadarinarock | Flowers by Ladesire | Notebook by plasticbox | Black Set by Kyta1702 | Kinlet Living and Plants, Plants, Plants by Mustke | Shabby Kitchen by TheNumbersWoman | Pot Ceiling Lamps by DOT | Hi-Tech and Sea Foam by SIMcredible | Bathroom Drop and SlideTK Bedroom by Pilar | Tulton Bedroom and Livingroom Munich by BuffSumm | Dining Eboni by ShinoKCR

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